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Read a Black Author

October 2016 saw the first #ReadABlackAuthor event in Nottingham Market Square. It was a lovely mild October afternoon and a superb turn out of likeminded people. I was so spoilt for choice on what to read, local authors, national and international Black authors, at one point I ended up with three books in my lap!



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Black in the City

The Black Writers & Artists Network was launched in 2015 by Nottingham Black Archive with the aim of raising the profile of Black Writers in Nottingham as well as documenting Black Writers from the past and the present. It is a growing haven for creative writers of African Caribbean descent to write, support, share, discuss, meet, curate events and perform.

The Black Writers & Artists Network are looking for poetry that responds to the theme of being ‘Black In The City of Nottingham.’ The Network seeks work that is connected to Nottingham from writers and artist who are native to the City or who have lived, studied or worked in Nottingham.

Entrants are encouraged to explore in as many ways as possible the various threads (social, economic, political, cultural, personal, etc.) that weave into the theme and be as experimental as possibke when responding to the idea of being ‘Black In The City’ of Nottingham.

Submission Guidance Notes can be found at


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A Taste of Stone

A Taste of Stone
14 Oct 2016 – 15 Jan 2017

I had the wonderful opportunity of being one of the artists chosen to work on A Taste of Stone by Otobong Nkanga at Nottingham Contemporary. Her installation was indeed a space for encounters. It consisted of woven tapestry, ten tonnes of white stone and living vegetation and more.

My residency involved creating poetry, talking about the writing process and sharing the work produced. Overall I produced three complete poems and two almost there but not quite pieces. There were more ideas coming at me than I had the time or mental energy to deal with within the time frame allotted. One of the many great things on this residency was sharing my thought process behind each piece and how I approached writing each poem.

It was an experience that allowed me to push my creative barriers and explore stones in as many ways as possible. I even attempted a villanelle!

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Dream here…

A poem inspired by the Black community mural in Hyson Green. 

Dream here…

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Byron Busk Day

Had a great time performing poems in Hucknall on Friday 1st July. Performed at the Byron Cinema to a local primary school, hopefully inspired some children to begin to view their love for writing as a talent to be nurtured. Also toured four cafes and put a smile on the faces of some lovely customers. 

#Poetry #Byron #FirstArts #CityArts #JunctionArts #BlackWritersNetwork

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When I went to Germany…

I performed my poem At the Airport​, here’s what Sonja said about it…

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Question: what do you do when you need a good old laugh? 

Answer: Read Marian Keyes of course.

Good old reliable Keyes, I’ve never felt disappointed reading her work. I knew this one was going to be a winner too because as soon as I read the first page I was laughing (out loud). It is indeed a ‘total triumph’. 

My only warning is if you do read this book whilst travelling on public transport be prepared for strange looks as you fall about laughing. 


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I’m a teenager at heart… 

I’m going through a John Green phase at the moment, no I’m not ‘ bovered’  by it at all. 

Teen fiction is one of my favourite genres and The Fault  In Our Stars supports this love. I laughed and I cried and I now understand, “the world is not a wish granting factory.” (Sadly).

I’m reading his Looking for Alaska at the moment, I’ll report back in due course although so far my initial feelings 54 pages in is fantastic… 


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What year is it..?

Yep, I got in-between the pages of the Time Traveler’s Wife. 

I watched the film years ago, at the time I hadn’t realised it was a book or I would have read it first and then watched it, such is life. 

Loved it, the relationship between Clare and Henry had me weeping by the end. I liked the way it went back and forth and how things unwound, gripping, different and it definitely had me hooked from beginning to end.  



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Have you read… These Seven?

A collection of Nottingham Writers ‘These Seven’ was published  by Five Leaves Bookshop in association with Bromley House Library and Nottingham Writers Studio in support of the Notingham City of Literature Project Notingham Stories. It also has a story from Alan Sillitoe – ‘A Time to Keep’ in it too.


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