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When I went to Germany…

I performed my poem At the Airport​, here’s what Sonja said about it…


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Sometimes life gets in the way

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, I’m now seeking to rectify this, well at least for the month of April anyway. So I’ve set myself a personal challenge of reading as many books as I can within a year (I started this in January) and thought one of the best ways to document this was through my blog. (Only just getting around to it now)

I’ve not set a target of how many books I want to read (at least one a month I think is acceptable) but that I do read and continue to read widely and regularly. If you have a good book recommendation then please share and I hope you enjoy the forthcoming posts. 

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Better late than never

It’s been like a bloody horror movie except instead of monsters there were receipts snapping at my heels and chasing me down lonely alleyways. Sometimes I even heard them whispering in a mocking tone… ‘you’re never going to complete your books on time’. Well ha! I’ve done it, despite being over a week late to my accountants, I’ve done it. And as I’ve promised every year since being freelance, next year will be different… I’ll make the time once a week to sit down and do my books. I’ll be a role model in the world of good book keeping. I’ll forgo parties with friends and open mics with enemies to sit at my desk and tally up my outgoing and incomings.

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Hello world!

Spoken word artist … storyteller… writer..project manager… textile artist… these are just some of the things I do working as a freelance creative practitioner oh yeah and I also have a facebook page called hair encounters which details amusing anecdotes about my dreadlocks hairstyle.

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