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Question: what do you do when you need a good old laugh? 

Answer: Read Marian Keyes of course.

Good old reliable Keyes, I’ve never felt disappointed reading her work. I knew this one was going to be a winner too because as soon as I read the first page I was laughing (out loud). It is indeed a ‘total triumph’. 

My only warning is if you do read this book whilst travelling on public transport be prepared for strange looks as you fall about laughing. 


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I’m a teenager at heart… 

I’m going through a John Green phase at the moment, no I’m not ‘ bovered’  by it at all. 

Teen fiction is one of my favourite genres and The Fault  In Our Stars supports this love. I laughed and I cried and I now understand, “the world is not a wish granting factory.” (Sadly).

I’m reading his Looking for Alaska at the moment, I’ll report back in due course although so far my initial feelings 54 pages in is fantastic… 


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What year is it..?

Yep, I got in-between the pages of the Time Traveler’s Wife. 

I watched the film years ago, at the time I hadn’t realised it was a book or I would have read it first and then watched it, such is life. 

Loved it, the relationship between Clare and Henry had me weeping by the end. I liked the way it went back and forth and how things unwound, gripping, different and it definitely had me hooked from beginning to end.  



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Have you read… These Seven?

A collection of Nottingham Writers ‘These Seven’ was published  by Five Leaves Bookshop in association with Bromley House Library and Nottingham Writers Studio in support of the Notingham City of Literature Project Notingham Stories. It also has a story from Alan Sillitoe – ‘A Time to Keep’ in it too.


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When story telling is as easy as birdsong…

You know you’re reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 

The Thing Around Your Neck is a collection of short stories that just blew my mind. Superb descriptions that left me feeling I was part of each of the narratives. This was my introduction to Adichie’s work and I will be devouring more of her books as the weeks go by, next on my list is her Orange Prize winning novel Half of a Yellow Sun.  


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What do you get if you put a banana, a knife, an apple, a clothes peg, lipstick, a bottle and 4 lit cigarettes together? 

Hawthorn and Child of course… ( apologies for the longish heading) 

Again this was a recommendation that I’m not sure I would have come across left to my own devices. 

Well worth reading it challenges your notion of what is crime fiction, at least it did mine. The innate ‘criminal-must-be- captured’ feeling is thrown out the window as Hawthorn and Child, two mid-ranking detectives, try to find significance in scattered facts.  


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Crime does pay…

 … Well perhaps not for the criminals but for writers it can be a lucrative business. 

Dome Raiders is about Scotland Yards successful foiling of one of the greatest robberies of all time, the quest to heist the Mona Lisa of jewels, the De Beers Millennium Star, worth £250,000,000.  I think I fell in love with one of the writers during the reading process. Jon Shatford I love you. Shatford is a veteran of London’s Metroplolitan Police and co-writer along with William Doyle. 

The novel is based on actual events (Jon I love you) and takes you step by step through Operation Magician. Fantastic reading. 



I love crime… 

I’ve got a bit of a thing for crime fiction… the suspense, the thrill of the chase, finding out whodunnit and then capturing them and putting them firmly behind bars. 

This book had me hooked from beginning to end (no exaggeration). I don’t think I would have come across this author had it not been recommended by a fellow writer and reader. So if you’re into crime I’m strongly recommending it. Split into three parts Alex will have you gripped from the first page to the last. Read it and let me know what you think…

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Sometimes life gets in the way

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, I’m now seeking to rectify this, well at least for the month of April anyway. So I’ve set myself a personal challenge of reading as many books as I can within a year (I started this in January) and thought one of the best ways to document this was through my blog. (Only just getting around to it now)

I’ve not set a target of how many books I want to read (at least one a month I think is acceptable) but that I do read and continue to read widely and regularly. If you have a good book recommendation then please share and I hope you enjoy the forthcoming posts. 

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Laughing and crying 

The Fault in our Stars by John Green has me laughing and crying. Superb topic that has me thinking and challenging my own views especially  with regards to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.