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(Re)Framing the Archive, available here.

(Re)Framing the Archive Book Launch and Talk by Panya Banjoko on Saturday 2nd July 2022 at New Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham. Free.

Panya Banjoko’s poems derive from her personal engagement with museums over two decades and as the founder of Nottingham Black Archive. They are an attempt to give space to those voices that are otherwise submerged and highlight the disparity in underrepresentation of Black people as curators of their own history. They can be seen as an intentional social and political act of activism providing a space for political thought, discussion, and action.

To book:

Banjoko, Panya, ‘The Stopover’, Christmas Movies: A Double Bill of Festive Poems, (Nottingham: Candlestick Press, 2021), p. 30. Available here.

Banjoko, Panya ‘Streets Paved with Gold’, Black Lives Matter: Poems for a New World (Leicester: Civic Leicester, 2020) p. 18. Available here

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Things You Wouldn’t Say to Your Daughter’, Clever Girls ed. Jackie Goode (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), pp. 165-180. Critical-creative essay. Available here

Banjoko, Panya, Some Things, (Bristol: Burning Eye Books, 2018). Poetry collection. Available here

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Insomniac’s Count’, Nottingham, ed. Miggy Angel (Nottingham: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities, 2019), pp. 51-54.

Banjoko, Panya ed., When We Speak, An Anthology of Black Writing in Nottingham, (Nottingham: Nottingham Black Archive, 2018).

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Santa Circa. 2092’, Christmas Crackers: Ten Poems to Surprise and Delight, (Nottingham: Candlestick Press, 2017), p. 8. Re-published as the weekly poem for Oxford Brookes University, December 4, 2017.

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Powe Meets Africanus’, Dawn of the Unread ed. James Walker (Nottingham: Spokesman Books, 2017).

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Brain Drain’, IC3, An Anthology of New Black Writing in Britain, eds. Courttia Newland and Kadija Sesay (London: Penguin Press, 2000), p. 163.

Banjoko, Panya, ‘The Offering’, Random Acts of Kindness, An Anthology of Poetry and Flash Fiction for Nottingham Peacebuilders eds. Cathy Lesurf, Anthony Cropper, Sheelagh Gallagher (Nottingham: Spokesman Books, 2017), p. 36.

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Mike’s Story’, ‘Love Matters’, and ‘360’, The ‘Art of Nottingham (Nottingham: Nottingham Jubilee Press, 2013), pp. 129-131.

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Beside the Pool’, ‘Arriving’, and ‘Dirty Gold’, Through the Aether (Nottingham: Nottingham Jubilee Press, 2012), pp.176 – 177, 180.

Banjoko, Panya, ‘Arriving’, Out of Bounds: British Black and Asian Poets, eds. Jackie Kay, James Proctor, Gemma Robinson (Northumberland: Bloodaxe Books, 2012), p. 177.

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