Poetry, stories and knitting

About Panya Banjoko

Panya Banjoko is a writer, storyteller and performance poet who also loves to knit and crochet. She graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA (Hon.) Degree in Communication Studies (1995) and an MA in Children’s Literature from the University Of Nottingham (2000).

Her first published work was Brain Drain published in IC3– An Anthology of New Black writing In Britain, Penguin Press, (2000), her second, Rasta in the Millennium, published by the Millennium Commission. She has completed two early year’s publications, Bibi’s Museum Adventure: The Princess and the Potter’s Pot, 2008 and Hari at the Castle (2010).

She also writes a blog called hair encounters which features anecdotes inspired by her dreadlock hairstyle.


2 responses to “About Panya Banjoko

  1. […] These silk creations have been made by local families and community groups, working with artist Panya Banjoko and textile designer Ali Pretty from Kinetika.  To welcome the World Event Young Artists to our […]

  2. Sara says:

    Hello, I really love how miss banjoko here does her poems they are filled up with expression and she always isn’t shy

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