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Women Kicking & Writing…

on May 20, 2017

I’ve been at it again! Writing, writing and erm… more writing… Here’s a poem from one of the participants in response to #UnearthingTheBankersBones by Keith Piper.

Mending Time
The last man will include woman.
Not as rib, nor moral compass – ingested chronicler of gothic horror.
Nor doomsayer of the tragic and inevitable suicide of man
– but as Old Woman.
She is trickster and shape-shifter,
Keeper of the ledger and ground-truther of maps, knitter of sleep,
Scorer of reckonings…
Old woman knows all the stories and the IT-IS-Written destinies.
She walks out on rocks worn to shingle
She feels the North Pole’s magnet flip to South and trades blow East to West. Edge-to-edge, edge to centre like mending sheets
The winds of Time curve and bend as the past touches now and again and then.
She throws down seeds of time, laughing loudly as she strides, lopes and bounds out along the boardwalk.
She sees the beginning in the end and in the end was the word and the word was HOPE.

About the writer: Jill Arnold is an old country woman who no longer cares what that means to others. As a grandma with special powers, she knows it’s wondrous to still be alive and kicking – and writing!

NB: Next Writers workshop – Tuesday 23rd May, 10am -3pm, in the NAE cafe. This workshop is free and includes Lunch.


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