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The Place is definitely here!

on May 9, 2017

We were busy beavers writing and editing, rewriting and then scratching our heads hoping to release more inspiration. It worked!  Some fantastic participants were in the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery in March. All up for translating visual art into poetry. It was wonderful leading this and even more superb that I have been able to see the end results.


Below is one of the poems written by Anna Wels in response to Keith Piper’s Black Assassin Saints (1982)

Imagined, Idealistic Future

Muddy paint rags, the mainstay
Of a fine artist, roughly
Joined together, hewn of cloth:
A humble man’s offering, an
Anger Split Open.

Words are fighting to be let out:
An imagined, idealistic future.
Faces are calm, but resolute:
The Disposition Of A Warrior

Four faces the same: unity of
Purpose, universality of intent.
The raw inner throb, biological
Suffering, and impulse to be let out…

Release from pain
Resolution of injustice

Digging up history, mixing with present
To solve in an instant
Dissolve like paint and water.

An imagined, idealistic future
Shaped by a brave and courageous
Acting on anger
Not mere representation.

Bright colours denote positivity,
The darkness and drips: the terrible
Reality, the buried and accepted

Calmly covered up simply because
Too difficult to process
Impossible to change
Things will always remain
The same?

I shall be leading creative writing workshops at the women’s centre in Nottingham beginning the 9th May, 10-3pm. Please contact me for more details.


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