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on May 8, 2017

I had the pleasure of facilitating some creative writing workshops using ‘The Place is Here’ exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery as the stimulus. Some of the participants of that workshop have shared their work with me and now I’m sharing it with you!

It was fantastic to see such creativity coming out of a 3 hour workshop. Most of all it was great to see everyone jump in, despite their level of writing, and give it a good go. I’m very pleased with their efforts.


Below is a poem by Alexandra Goodwin who said, “The whole afternoon left me feeling very encouraged! What a powerful exhibition.”

One day you will know
the reasons you are here-
you are hearing this between your ribs.

You’ll know,
at last shuttered eye-
when the cosmos sweeps out
your body.

You will know
all pain, all pleasure-
you’ll know the slither between.

You’ll know how
things can dissolve
but remain-
without anchors,
tethered nowhere.

One day you will know
unseen answers,
to unmasked questions.

One day you will be another,
on the other side of the door.

Please note that I will be leading a series of Creative Writing Workshops at the Women’s Centre in Nottingham beginning the 9th May from 10-3pm. Please contact me for more details.


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