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Bill’s New Frock

on October 20, 2015

I’m reading this book with a group of 7 boys. It’s interesting to hear their comments about a boy waking up and finding himself in a frock. Six of the boys I’m working with felt it would be the worst disaster ever, only one said he wouldn’t mind,  as he has two sisters and he could just be one of the girls.

I asked them about the front cover of the book and whether Bill was a boy or a girl. They all said he was definitely a boy for a number of reasons.  They said:

1. He has hairy legs and girls don’t have hairy legs (I beg to differ).

2. There was a football in the picture and girls don’t play football (differing again).

3. He has a plaster on his knee and boys are always getting cuts and bruises.

4. He has a muddy patch on his dress, boys are dirtier than girls and girls like to be smart and pretty. Plus the muddy patch looks football related.

5. His socks are blue and they are also not pulled up smartly.

6. His knees are dirty.

Not one mentioned the characters name.

Loving their responses to the book just as much as the book itself. It’s very good for promoting gender based discussions.


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