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Powe meets Africanus 

So I can now add to my growing list of writing accomplishments a graphic novel… Woo hoo! Have a read folks….  

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Dawn of the Unread

Powe  Meets Africanus brings together two influential figures in a fight to give voice to Black history. George Africanus was enslaved and gained his freedom eventualy becoming a property owner and entrepreneur. Oswald George Powe was a WWII Radar Operator, activist and author of Don’t Blame The Blacks. When Africanus comes by a poster advertising the Dawn of the Unread series he is saddened by the fact that there are no back historical literary figures and sets out on a quest not only to address this issue but to ensure that there is somewhere for black history to be stored and preserved. 
  With creative input from Larnelle Phillips, Raphael Blake and Casa Castillo

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Write Black To The Beginning 

Nottingham Black Archive is currently documenting Black writers in Nottingham and aim to create a timeline of writers from the earliest time to the present day. This includes Black writers of non-fiction and fiction including poetry, magazines, newsletters and pamphlets. 

The aim of this project is to highlight the work of Black writers who can sometimes be marginalised when it comes to writing opportunities and networks. We want to stimulate discussion around building a stronger writing community and provide Black writers with an opportunity to share their work.   
A promenade performance is planned for Saturday 17th October from 1-5pm at the New Art Exchange.      

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