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Blind Fury

I was in my local supermarket when a smiley old lady started talking to me. She then opened her trolley, which was full of books, and began telling me a story about each of the books she had stored within it. Many of the books were Lynda La Plante novels. I admitted I hadn’t read any of La Plante’s work but had watched her Prime Suspect series. She showed me the book called Blind Fury and told me that it was ‘dead good’, so how could I refuse purchasing it from her.

That was a month ago and I’ve just finished reading it and I have to say it was an excellent read. I think I want to read another of La Plante’s novels. 

….Picture this, a motorway service station on the M1 which is dimly lit, run down and poorly supervised with the obligatory flickering lights and dark corners. Now picture a body found in a ditch, a girl barely out of her teens with no family, no friends, no connections anywhere…

Intrigued? I was and I thoroughly enjoyed the protagonist Anna Travis cracking this mystery.  

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When you ask 8 year olds what they like…

I had an impromptu session with a small group of 8 year olds last Friday. We had to come up with a group poem in a limited amount of time. This is what we achieved from each of their free writes. I think they did very well in the time we had. 

Things I Like

I like my mum’s chicken, mashed potato and gravy.

I like my laughing brother and my naughty sister Daisy.

I like chocolate and strawberry ice-cream.

I like my dad’s silver, fast, dreamy limousine.

I like my school, the best school ever,

my friends are kind, super cool and clever.

I like lunchtime eating French fries

and afterwards gobbling delicious apple pies.

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What’s Hot? 

A year ago I was preparing to become a radio presenter again.  After debuting as one third of the Ghetto Rebel trio I was soon offered my own slot on a Saturday afternoon from 12-2pm on What’s Hot Radio. Being in charge of my own show suited me just fine and I enjoyed the challenge of it being 90% talk and 10% music. So, More Talk Than Music  was born. It became a mix of guests generally poets but not exclusively and topical/current affairs. 

Now I have the lovely Anita Barton Williams to help out with research for the show and it has gone from strength to strength. I’d love to add another member to the team, someone capable of organising guests each week. Are you that person or do you know someone who might be interested? It’s a great opportunity for someone interested in the broadcast media or even someone who is community minded. 

I’ve enjoyed the last year immensely and I’m looking forward to another year working for What’s Hot Radio. Tune in on Saturdays 12-2pm on You can even download the app on your smart phone or listen via tunein or listen back on mixcloud #MoreTalkThanMusic. 

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Tour Time

It’s that time again, suitcase packed, honey and lemon mix at the ready, yep it’s the next stop on tour. This week it’s the MAC in Birmingham. I’m hoping the audience will be both vibrant and diverse. The last tour stop was Mansfield library at which I achieved a first, an audience member audibly gasped during my poem, it was a hand to mouth gasp too. What better compliment could there be, my poem has obviously made an impact. 

Saturday 7th March MAC, Birmingham. 


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Quiet time…

In between writing I like to take time out to do some creative arts, my project at the moment is making a quiet book for a relative.  A quiet book is made from felt and each page can contain an activity for a child to do. I’ve sourced lots of ideas on Pinterest and I am now ready to put the needle to the felt! Here is my plan… 

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