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Go with your Gut…

on June 4, 2012

…that’s what I did a few days ago as I was travelling down ‘souf’.

I was looking forward to the three and a half hour coach journey for 3 reasons…

1. I would have time to be alone with my thoughts… we’ve been too busy lately.

2. I was going to see someone I hadn’t seen for a few months.

3. I was embarking on an exciting adventure.

Okay, so everything was going according to plan, including me dashing through the city centre with my suitcase and almost missing the coach.

Made it by the skin of my teeth, sat down, wiped the sweat from my forehead (and discreetly from under my armpits!) and said (quietly to myself) hello thoughts how are you… when….

some geezer asks if he can send a text message from my phone… my gut said NO, so I said ‘no’.

He persisted this time asking if he could make a quick call… Again my gut said no… actually it screamed it…

Can you believe despite me firmly saying no this fool continued to badger me… so I got a little ghetto dropped the received pronunciation and fell into hardcore dialect, he got the message (or so I thought).

I Settled down once again, as the coach pulled onto the motorway this geezer decided to walk up and down badgering the other passengers, each in turn saying no… even with his pitiful story of having his phone stolen… yeah right…

Finally some guy did take pity on him and agreed to him sending a text from his phone…

And I felt bad… I mean where was my charity, my humanity to man, it was only a text message after all…

I guess he sensed my thoughts because he walked back up to the back of the coach where I was sitting and shouted… no actually he spat a barrage of insults at me… sarcastically thanking me for not allowing him to use my phone. I felt even worse. But I also felt that it was my phone and I had the right not to give it to a complete stranger, especially as I was a woman travelling alone… I ignored his insults… years of watching the dog whisperer had paid off as I summoned my calm assertive energy… it really does work (thanks Caesar)

…within seconds he was back down the front of the coach asking the same guy who had allowed him to send a text message to make a call… of course the guy couldn’t refuse as he had been set up to think that he was the good Samaritan and me the wicked witch so he allowed him to make a call… and do you know what happened… as he took the phone from this innocent passenger he said ‘I’m just going to be half an hour’ and he proceeded to go to the toilets where he stayed with this guys phone.I mean what the hell was he doing with it!?

I knew he was up to no good. That could have been me. I would not have appreciated some guy having access to my phone and sending god knows what kind of messages from it.

So my gut was right… a con man. Thank heavens I listened to my gut and ignored my head and heart!


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