Poetry, stories and knitting

Out of Bounds

… is currently being printed…

it is an anthology consisting of 368 pages

and has been compiled over 4 years…

the release of the book will take place at a launch event in Newcastle on the 5th of May…

Why am I telling you this?

My poem ‘Arriving’ is included… amongst many other wonderful poets


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Back to skooL…

Easter over…

…an extra inch on the hips from over indulging in chocolate…

play-schemes tidied away…

back to school…

poetry with a lovely bunch of year 9, 10 and 11 students

starts again today….


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Beat the Bullies

I was reminiscing last Friday about my days as a youngster… I was that skinny kid with the knobbly knees and the round spectacles courtesy of our wonderful national health system…fodder for bullies I was, easy prey, being nothing but a ‘skinny four eyed git’.

One day the school bully announced at morning break that she was going to pound me into the ground after school, she was bored and needed someone new to terrorise. She was as tough as a Tonka toy! Mean, big, bad and scary. Everyone did her bidding and I had stayed out of her way… until now!

I spent the rest of the day in absolute fear… I still remember that helpless feeling… all my plans seemed unrealistic, e.g leave school early and run home fast, ask her politely not to beat me up, disappear into thin air… nope there was no way out.

Lunch time came and she issued her threat again leaving me weak at the knees and reluctantly preparing to accept the worst, she was twice my size. I also knew deep inside that once she had annihilated me that would leave the floodgate open for all the other trainee bullies to have their pleasure at my expense.  So this event would become a regular feature on the playground landscape.

Then the sound of the final bell rang and I bolted from my class hoping to be fast enough to get away… of course I wasn’t, she had her cronies corner me. So the fight was on. She spent the first few minutes insulting me verbally, about my glasses, they were pink!!! (I don’t rock that style any more!!!)

Whack… she landed the first punch to my face, turned to the group of kids that had gathered around shouting ‘fight, fight, fight’, and smirked with pleasure.

…she pushed me against a wall and prepared to land her second blow but before doing so she pulled my hair… very, very hard… and that was it… Something inside me snapped. I clenched my fist and whacked her back… real hard… the look in her eyes said it all… she hadn’t anticipated me fighting back.  I punched and I kicked and I fought as hard as I could, my skinny arms and legs flailing around like a puppet on a string.

Then she started to cry… yep the school bully that had beat up loads of kids started to whimper like a puppy.

I had won. I had actually won my first fight. I had actually beat the  most feared kid in the school.

Me… the skinny kid that looked malnourished, the kid whose glasses were held together with cello-tape. ME!!!

We became friends after that, not best mates but okay mates and I continued my life as a geek…

reading books and writing stories…

… and the moral is ‘don’t judge a geek by the colour of their glasses!!!!