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Good things come in small packages?

on February 21, 2012

I went through my school years being called ‘short arse’ because of my petite size.   I wasn’t perturbed by this name calling because even I as a 13 year old knew that people grew…. such was my naivety.

School days passed and adulthood commenced and still my height remained the same… I put this down to being a late developer… although my feet were growing at a rapid rate and ‘big foot’ was added to the repertoire of names  I was called.  I travelled through my world thinking, not that I was short, but that everyone else was freakishly tall… a healthy attitude I think… although psychoanalysts would probably call it self denial.

My career as a freelance storyteller further massaged the notion that I was of  ‘normal’ height as my storytelling audience ranged from  3 years old to 10 years old… Yes I felt like a giant among the little people.

But something has changed in my blueberry and chocolate chip muffin world…   School teachers are now mistaking me for their pupils as I roll up to tell a story they are ushering me from the reception desk and asking me why I am not in my lesson…  and as I protest I’m an adult they stare at me with incredulity and call other members of staff to gawp at me in amazement too.

I’ve always thought that the best things come in small packages e.g the micro chip and er…well… I  can’t think of anything else but I’m sure there are a lot of useful small things in the world…

Now I’ve just found out that you are 1cm taller in the morning than you are in the evening… come on give me a break that 1cm is very important to me… So I have no other option and have decided I’m never going out in the evening again!


2 responses to “Good things come in small packages?

  1. ashajazz says:

    Aww. There’s nowt wrong with being pocket sized. Oh and diamonds are small and precious too.

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