Poetry, stories and knitting

Beside the pool

on February 9, 2012

Sun worshippers lounge beneath scorching rays.

Parasols discarded in search of a bronze outlook.

When trees forget to shade at midday, it causes no fuss.

Wives, twice passed caring, half sleep on sun beds.

Fanning flies with flabby arms.

When heat threatens to boil orange peel skin

sagging bodies are leisurely drenched in chlorine pools

a momentary relief from baking hotness.

Husband’s pot bellies vibrate to radio rhythms.

Proving one more beer was too much.

Passing time they discreetly peer,

eyes shaded,  at bodies untouched by raising babies,

a perimeter of topless ladies

dangling crimson painted feet into water

creating ripples with their toes.

Flailing arms fail to reach backs

wives gesture frantically

beckon husbands for duty

Lotion lathered into mottled skin obediently

Keeping one eye on the job

leaving the other to roam freely.


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