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On the Rebound

on January 16, 2012

I know what you’re thinking, brazen hussy, say it, that’s what you think I am. It’s okay I’ve been called names before…comically insane, the only black person on this planet without rhythm, 2inches shorter and I would have been a dwarf… I’ve heard it all. But think for a minute, what would you have done, faced with my situation, well?

I know Gertrude hasn’t even been collected by the bin men yet, I know it was wrong for me to have gone out on the pull, but I’m a woman and I have my needs. Look, the temperatures one degree at the moment and there are forecasts of snow, frost lays like a dust sheet on the ground and there’s no signs of it getting better.

I probably am on the rebound but being single has never been my thing, as far back as I can remember I’ve always had a hot water bottle and well I think it suits me, we compliment each other. I didn’t intend to pick Emelda up that day (yes that’s her name) she just touched my heart in her lilac attire and well we hit it off.

Will it last? Who knows, sometimes you have to take risks. I’m happy, my toes are warm and my bed snug and for now that’s all that matters.

My loving Emelda



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