Poetry, stories and knitting

things to do keeps growing…

New year, new start, new thoughts,

more zeal, extra determination, little time.

Update CV, get new business cards, attend more open mics.,

write more poetry.

Tie up loose ends, make a start on new projects,

eat well, live healthily

tick off things done, write down things to do


bed early, no more late nights

share achievements and celebrate successes

Achievement sharing taking place now

Books I have had published, yay!!!








one thing completed on my list!

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Panya meets Left Lion

An interview with reporter Seth Dye for Left Lion

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Natural Hair Meet

Click the link to see me performing at a natural hair meet up in Nottingham


Spellbound II

I’ve finished reading Spellbound and what an enjoyable read it was. Best book I’ve read of 2012 so far. I like when the baddy gets their comeuppance and the goody has a happy ending. A moralistic cautionary tale for women who fall for the chat-up line of married men. Remember there’s no need to buy the cow if they’re getting the milk for free! I also loved the way it started with a quote from Philip Larkin about parents F**king you up, brilliant but not an excuse for boys who  behaviour badly.

I’ve got Philip Pullman’s ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’ to read next. I loved his Dark Materials trilogy (Northern lights, Subtle Knife & Amber Spyglass) and his ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’ and was it the ‘Tiger in the Well?’

I’m going to give myself a few days before starting this as I want to get Spellbound out of my head so I can fully appreciate my next read.

ps I’m on chapter 20 of my novel Marry me now…once I’ve worked up the courage I’ll share some extracts.

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On the Rebound

I know what you’re thinking, brazen hussy, say it, that’s what you think I am. It’s okay I’ve been called names before…comically insane, the only black person on this planet without rhythm, 2inches shorter and I would have been a dwarf… I’ve heard it all. But think for a minute, what would you have done, faced with my situation, well?

I know Gertrude hasn’t even been collected by the bin men yet, I know it was wrong for me to have gone out on the pull, but I’m a woman and I have my needs. Look, the temperatures one degree at the moment and there are forecasts of snow, frost lays like a dust sheet on the ground and there’s no signs of it getting better.

I probably am on the rebound but being single has never been my thing, as far back as I can remember I’ve always had a hot water bottle and well I think it suits me, we compliment each other. I didn’t intend to pick Emelda up that day (yes that’s her name) she just touched my heart in her lilac attire and well we hit it off.

Will it last? Who knows, sometimes you have to take risks. I’m happy, my toes are warm and my bed snug and for now that’s all that matters.

My loving Emelda


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An Ode to Gertrude

Through cramps and the cold

your memories are bold

you touch me within

your warmth on my skin

in the pool of your tears

I’ve realised my fears

now that you’re gone

I sing a sad song


Goodbye Gertrude

This morning at 6.10am precisely I awoke with a strange feeling. I stretched my cold feet out under my duvet and to my horror I felt a limp Gertrude at the bottom of my bed. Gertrude had passed away. She has gone to wherever it is leaky hot water bottles go. I hear you scoff at my loss but let me tell you something old Gertrude, as I affectionately called her, was a true friend. She has been at my feet in cold and sub zero weather. Remember last year when temperatures plummeted to minus thirteen degrees, who was there for me? old Gerty. Who relieves my cramps every 28 days? Old Gerty.

Now Sting’s (formerly of the Police) song about ‘the bed’s too big without you’ resonates deeply within me. My bed is now an empty, meaningless space without Gertrude’s fluffy pink body to rest my cold toes upon. Never will my toes dance upon her warm body, never will I rest her gently upon my abdomen… never again are we to be together.

Gertrude R.I.P


R.I.P 2007-2012



I’m reading ‘Spellbound’ by Jane Green and I’m totally engrossed in it. Every waking minute of every day is spent reading it or thinking about reading it. I haven’t had this feeling for a long time, the in-another-world-happy-feeling, that a good book makes you feel. I’m not sure what I will do when I’ve completed it. Perhaps cry!

I had been reading Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ which really wasn’t doing it for me. I loved her ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but can’t get into Emma. What I have found it useful for is helping with my insomnia! One page of ‘Emma’ and I’m out like a light!!! Seriously it’s a great remedy. I think it’s probably one of those books that I’ll only ever get into if  I’m on a deserted island or something. Like William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies, which I did finally read and enjoyed but had to go to the countryside in Jamaica, (no TV or telephone) to really appreciate it.

I had tried to read a couple of Jane Green’s novels before but tossed them to one side I think one of them was ‘Straight Talking’. It bored the pants off me and because of that I had put Jenny Colgan and Marian Keyes at the top of my Chic Lit list. Now after reading Spellbound I think she really is truly Amazing and yes that is with a capital ‘A’.

I hope one day when I’ve got into the romatic fiction world someone will think my work is amazing too.

ps I’m now on chapter 12 of my novel ‘Marry Me’

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This is the title of my new poem. I’ve been working on it today.  It’s almost complete but needs just a little more detail. I’d very much like to complete it over the next few days as I’ll need to learn it and perform it flawlessly in March for the Say Sum Thin event at Nottingham Playhouse. Alongside this I need to write a piece that I won’t actually speak but will print the words on a placard and hold up for the audience to read as I ride up and down in a glass elevator. This piece, which hasn’t yet been written, will be about family secrets and lies hence me choosing not to say the words. It will be part of a series of pre performance events at the Playhouse to coincide with Romeo and Juliet, which will be showing from the 13th March to the 24th March.

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Multi Coloured Slippers

Here are the knitted slippers I have recently completed for a lady who has very bad circulation, as a result of this ailment she has swollen feet, which makes it very difficult for her to find footwear that fits. She is sadly housebound and found out about my slipper making from a friend. She asked for something bright and cheerful and hopefully I have achieved this with the lilac, pink and red colours.

Now on to my second commission!

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