Poetry, stories and knitting


Words crouch

hidden in a tangled mess

crooked they sleep

bent beneath the surface




one by one

they emerge

to be heard, be seen

denied for so long

they become a carcass

buried deep

beyond the surface


in the stench of rotting decay



like a dot

on the landscape

of hope and glory.

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It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be that counts

Last night I gave myself a good talking too, quite severe in fact. I had the germ of an idea for a novel several years ago, started working on it two years ago and have completed the first very rough draft this summer, but that’s not good enough. I spend more time procrastinating and only ‘if’ and ‘but-ing’ it’s unbelievable. This morning I started anew, fresh thoughts, new vigour and more focus than I’ve ever felt before. today I have completed two chapters a total of 5,000 words. You see what you can do when focused. I’ve been reading a book by Michael Arden called ‘It’s not how good you are but how good you want to be.’ Fabulous. A must read. Right back to my novel…..

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Dirty gold

To feed the demands of glitzy eyed consumers

Kofi, aged 14, chips away at the orb, to escape.

Down furnace hot makeshift mines,

he plays seek and find for £3 a day.

As he descends vertically,

12 metres deep, through dusty shaft,

an arm’s length wide, hour after sweltering hour,

picking his way down unstable walls,

that crushed Kwame, his predecessor, a step away from 13,

he hopes for tomorrow,for ever, for today…

He might look stupid but he isn’t dumb.

He has succumbed to the will of over stuffed cats.

He knows once saturated with wealth they go

return only when appetite is wet.

Promises of schools and clean water are comfort only to imbeciles.

The key to unlock the doors of fancy high street stores belong to them

Never for him.

He sings of fufu tonight spiced with tomatoes,

of pounded yams and plantains.

Sees mother’s smile, bright as new moon,

it eggs his old bones on.

I wish I could write about blues skies and azure seas.

I wish I could see dark-skinned heroes that lived to the end.

Above ground he surveys his find, powdered and filtered

with mercury, he watches and waits bare hand,

as gold dust combines into splendid silver balls,

spreading vile vapours that stealthily steal the next generation.

Breath by failing breath he pants into insignificance as

vast open pits swallow the earth in a gulp.

Small scale gold mines create big time problems.

Spill and spit toxic waste that seeps into sodden soil, into rice

fields, into aquatic life.

I wish that moral responsibility was more than a catchphrase

That the cradle of humanity more than a drizzle on the horizon.

I wish that the sources of profit could be de-constructed, melted,

until its origin was known.

He works a faceless GOLDSMITH in ERNEST so sister can sleep

without cradling hunger.

So designer teak chest of drawers can have hidden in their lavender

scented chests last years gleaming rings and sparkling neck pieces

discarded and unwanted.

He labours to stay alive,

his poisoned blood makes certain his demise will come

sooner than it should.

I sing for him a song worthy of a King

and hope and pray that one day humanity will bring

not cash for gold

but the truth as it should be told.


Daytime Christmas Craft Fair and Art Exhibition @ The Nottingham Workshop

This fabulous event will be a celebration of local creativity and design, with live music, entertainment, mulled wine and more. The event will take place in two parts, a daytime craft fair/art exhibition with food from The UnderGround Bakery, a showcase of local artists and designers, Christmas tree sale and lots more incorporating the whole venue, including the indoor/outdoor spaces and the upstairs gallery.

The evening event will be based in the main Workshop with the vast space full to the rafters with artists and their work, with more live music. There’ll be mulled wine and mince pies as well as other festive treats. There’s also ‘party bags’ for the first 40 customers to arrive containing gifts from MollyQueen, The Workshop and the artists themselves.

The perfect event to support local business during the recession and to stuff your stockings with locally sourced, original gifts! And a fun day out!

Craft Fair 11 – 5pm
Evening Fair + Christmas Party 7 – 10pm

For the evening event follow this link:

The Nottingham Workshop
247 Noel Street, Nottingham, NG7 6AR
(easily accessible by tram!)

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Knitting Matters to Me

Here are some bits and bobs I’ve been knitting over the autumn. Knitting really matters to me. It’s a lovely way to relax. It’s an economical way of creating bespoke items for family and friends and its a nifty way of earning some pocket money too!



Panya Meets Inua

Welcoming, entertaining, cosy, intimate and unique these are some of the words I’d use to describe last night at Maresa’s home. Music, laughter and sharing was high on the agenda. Meeting Inua Ellams was also a great pleasure and listening to his poetry fantastic. He did just the right amount of poems to leave you wanting more.

Signed copy of ‘Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars’ by Inua, under my arm for reading later. Photograph taken and ready to be paraded on social networking sites and most importantly thoroughly inspired to write, write and write.

Poets side by side

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Values Week

Well I’ve just done my 11th Values week at NTU and loved every bit of it… from arriving on the student bus in the morning to working with 4 groups of students throughout the day, to sharing my knowledge and experience, to listening to the poems that the groups performed back after my creative writing session and even the way 99.99% of the participants just got stuck in and had a whole load of fun.

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Better late than never

It’s been like a bloody horror movie except instead of monsters there were receipts snapping at my heels and chasing me down lonely alleyways. Sometimes I even heard them whispering in a mocking tone… ‘you’re never going to complete your books on time’. Well ha! I’ve done it, despite being over a week late to my accountants, I’ve done it. And as I’ve promised every year since being freelance, next year will be different… I’ll make the time once a week to sit down and do my books. I’ll be a role model in the world of good book keeping. I’ll forgo parties with friends and open mics with enemies to sit at my desk and tally up my outgoing and incomings.

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