Poetry, stories and knitting

Mouthy Poets

on November 18, 2011

Friday… almost Saturday and sleep in time… but before that my Mouthy Poets fix to get me in the mood for a relaxingly creative weekend… a pack of cards… the right inspiration and we have the makings of a 60 minute session. Mouthy poets happens weekly on a Friday (5-8pm) at Nottingham Playhouse. Three facilitators tonight…Anne, Jim and moi!

I once had a moment

Squeezed it until it was dry

Cradled and begged it by day

To return to my minds eye

…just getting in the mood for Mouthy and then Saturday, carefree, slow food Saturday… pumpkin soup and jam scones Saturday, cuddled up to furry hot water bottle Saturday.

I might knit myself something over the weekend… perhaps something in red, yellow and green… or burgundy…hmm… burgundy…yes that’ll work well with my faded jeans.


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