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Bad Bwoys

Well I did it I managed to talk about my career as a performance poet and writer without sneezing on anyone! It was fantastic (is that blowing my trumpet too much!!!) I did my Bad Bwoy (Boy) poem as a bit of a taster for them to see what I could do and I really do think it went down well. One of the people present said she felt goose bumps as I delivered my piece. Another person said it seemed so heart felt… it should be I used to work with Bad Bwoys although those that aren’t dead due to knife and gun crimes are banged up doing quite a long stretch! When will Bad Bwoys become Mature Men? The piece was recorded on film so hopefully I’ll get some footage soon.

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Kiddies Knits

Child’s Heidi Hat made from purple yarn. The hardest thing about this was getting my 18 month old model to keep still!

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The flipping flu

Monday was supposed to be sending out invoices day and tidy my bedroom. Tuesday sort out accounts and knit a hat. None of the former happened. Why? The flipping flu that’s why! I’m now two days behind on things. Worse still I have to do a presentation tomorrow and I have a flipping cough. I’ve bathed my body in bay rum (a traditional Jamaican flu remedy). I’ve gargled hot salt water (sea salt of course). I’ve even took to my bed with my furry pink hot water bottle but still the cough, runny nose and generally feeling like crap persists. Do I get sick pay? No not as a freelancer. Do I get sympathy…well only you can tell me that. Onwards and sidewards (not quite ready for the up).

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Mouthy Poets

Friday… almost Saturday and sleep in time… but before that my Mouthy Poets fix to get me in the mood for a relaxingly creative weekend… a pack of cards… the right inspiration and we have the makings of a 60 minute session. Mouthy poets happens weekly on a Friday (5-8pm) at Nottingham Playhouse. Three facilitators tonight…Anne, Jim and moi!

I once had a moment

Squeezed it until it was dry

Cradled and begged it by day

To return to my minds eye

…just getting in the mood for Mouthy and then Saturday, carefree, slow food Saturday… pumpkin soup and jam scones Saturday, cuddled up to furry hot water bottle Saturday.

I might knit myself something over the weekend… perhaps something in red, yellow and green… or burgundy…hmm… burgundy…yes that’ll work well with my faded jeans.

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Just another manic day…

Today I have attended some training to sharpen up my approach as a freelancer, agreed to do a presentation on my work as a writer and submitted a very lengthy proposal to the HLF to undertake some heritage research…phew…now I have to finish a hat that has been ordered and tie off the loose ends to a scarf I completed last night for a new customer…. Here is a scarf set I made last winter.

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Hello world!

Spoken word artist … storyteller… writer..project manager… textile artist… these are just some of the things I do working as a freelance creative practitioner oh yeah and I also have a facebook page called hair encounters which details amusing anecdotes about my dreadlocks hairstyle.

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